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Dog Guard of Minnesota  Serving Minneapolis and Southern Minnesota.

Installing an Electric Fence for Dogs in Minnesota

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How the Dog GuardⓇ Electric Fence for Dogs Works

We know you worry about your dog’s well being as an important part of your family. But with hazards like lakes and busy streets you may often find yourself choosing between their need to explore the outdoors and keeping them safe.

With a Dog GuardⓇ Out of Sight FencingⓇ system, you can protect your dog and give them the freedom to roam your property. Plus, you get to keep your view!


Installation Services

Dog GuardⓇ Vs. Competitors

The Dog GuardⓇ Difference

Repair and Location Services

Indoor Wireless Dog Containment

A Complete Dog GuardⓇ System Includes:

Here’s What a Typical Electric Dog Fence Installation Looks Like:

1. We Work with You to Customize the Fence Boundary

Our professional team works with you to create a customized safety perimeter, encompassing the yardage you need and protecting your dog against hazards such as driveways, ponds, lakeshore, or pools as well as safeguarding gardens and other spaces you don’t want your dog to disturb.

2. We Install the Radio Signal Wire Underground

Dog GuardⓇ Out of Sight FencingⓇ uses a digital radio signal to keep your dog within selected boundaries by placing a thin but durable wire underground. Whether your home is located in the rocky Northwoods, on a steep slope, beside a cornfield, or within a busy urban neighborhood, we have methods for installing fencing to keep your dog contained.

3. We Find the Right Receiver Collar for Your Dog

A comfortable collar containing a small receiver is worn around your dog’s neck. This receiver works with the radio signal, which emits an appropriate stimulus level as your dog approaches the barrier. If your dog continues to advance, a second field produces maximum correction to prevent escape.

The Dog GuardⓇ system offers multiple receivers designed for different dog breeds and temperaments, with 32 correction levels. We’ll work with you to find exactly the right level of stimulus for your pet.

4. Your Dog Learns About the Fence Boundary

The boundary is marked off with flags, creating a visible boundary line for the pet. For two weeks, the dog owner should spend fifteen minutes, twice daily, walking the dog on a leash around the flag boundary. If the dog moves toward the flags, he should be told “NO!” The dog should then be moved away from the flags and given lots of praise.

By using this technique, the dog will quickly learn where the boundary is located. Once the dog becomes familiar with the visible boundary, the flags can be removed. After your system is activated, when your pet enters the reminder zone (3 to 6 feet from the signal wire) they receive your choice of an audio signal or a mild correction stimulus, warning that they are approaching the boundary.

Our highly-trained pet behavior specialists will work with you and your pet throughout the initial process to make sure training techniques and boundaries are clearly defined.

Winter Electric Dog Fence Installation

Even if the ground is frozen we can install a Dog GuardⓇ electric fence for dogs on your property. We use special techniques to anchor the wire to the ground while the ground is frozen and in the spring when the ground thaws we will return (at no extra charge) and bury the wire underground for you. Don’t let an ugly fence ruin your view!

Having your Dog GuardⓇ fence installed in the winter is the best way to keep you warm and your pet happy during the cold months. Your pet can enjoy the snow and fresh air while you stay inside where it’s warm.

Examples: Electric Dog Fence Diagrams

Electric Dog Fence Loop Diagram Diagram of Underground Dog Fence Separate Front and Back Yards Hidden Dog Fence with Existing Fence

Dog Guard® vs. Competitors

Choosing the right system can be challenging with so many different companies offering similar products. But electric dog fences aren’t made equal.

We believe Dog Guard® consistently provides not only the most reasonably priced, high-quality electric dog fence system, but also industry leading customer service and support from local dealers.

This page compares three of the top-rated systems to make it easier for you to decide which is right for you and your dog.

Dog Fence Brand Comparison

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* The signal is only transmitted a few feet, therefore, there is no benefit to an FM frequency.

** Battery consumption varies by dog’s use. We do not recommend compromising the safety of your dog by using batteries for more than 6 months.

† Waterproof language is used on website with no design standard listed.

†† These models of Invisible Fence® Equipment are marked as “Made in China”:

Model: number ICT801

Model: “Boundary Plus Single Loop Transmitter”

Model: “Boundary Plus Transmitter”

Boundary Plus® and Boundary Plus Smart® are trademarks of the Invisible Fence® Brand (Invisible Fence®, Inc., USA). The terms “invisible®”, “invisible fence®” and “invisible fencing®” are registered and considered trademarks by the Invisible Fence® Brand. Electronic pet fences with a buried wire are often referred to as “invisible fences”, but Dog Guard® should not be confused with the Invisible Fence® Brand. DogWatch® SmartFence® is a trademark of DogWatch®, Inc. Dog Guard® is not affiliated in any way with the Invisible Fence® Brand or DogWatch®, Inc., and use of their marks herein does not imply any association with or approval by their respective holders. Dog Guard® and Out of Sight Fencing® are registered trademarks of Sunward Electronics, Inc.

Revision Date: 5/11/23

The Dog Guard® Difference

At Dog GuardⓇ, we provide quality products and services that keep your pet safe and give you peace of mind. Dog GuardⓇ of Minnesota is a local, family-owned dealer you can trust!

Locate and Repair Electric Fences for Dogs

In addition to Out of Sight FencingⓇ and Dog training services, we also provide repair and/or location services for our customers. We make a commitment to locate your existing fence (no matter who manufactured it) in order to protect your investment and provide optimal safety of your pet.

Please call before you dig! Doing this up front will save you from any additional repairs. If your fence does need to be repaired for any reason, we provide that service too!

The Dog GuardⓇ Out of Sight FencingⓇ system is a reliable, dependable underground containment system. However, we repair any electric fence for dogs in the area, including Dog Watch®, Innotek®, PetSafe®, Radio Fence® and others.

Electric Dog Fence Repair Services

Can't figure out why your existing underground dog fence isn’t working? We can help find and replace failed components such as your transmitter, receiver, or collar.

Our fencing repair services include:

Underground Dog Fence Location Services

Need to move an existing system? We can do that! We also can add additional pets or loops on a new or existing electric fence for dogs.

Our fencing location services include:

Pet Safe®, Radio Fence®, Dog Watch®, and Innotek® are registered trademarks of the respective manufacturers, and Dog Guard® is not associated with these manufacturers, and makes no claims beyond our ability to repair these systems.

Indoor, Wireless Dog Containment

The Dog GuardⓇ indoor pet containment solution acts as a wireless fence for your home! This solution is ideal for cats and dogs of all ages and sizes, and may be used to train your pets in a variety of indoor situations, such as:

The RT-2 Room Transmitter features a 10-foot cord and radiates a 360° signal up to 6 feet from the transmitter, creating a wireless fence you can use anywhere in your home. This makes it easy to relocate the transmitter (and wireless fence!) so you can train your pets on which rooms and areas of the house you want them to either avoid or be confined to.

As they learn the desired behavior for one part of your home, simply move the transmitter to the next training area!

Like our popular T-4 Outdoor Transmitter, the RT-2 Room Transmitter features dual zones and multiple signal strengths. When your pet approaches an area that is off limits, they will first be warned using an audible tone of your choice at one of the 32 levels of stimulation. If they continue moving in the direction you do NOT want them to move in, they will receive a second, stronger correction stimulus.

As with all of our products, our professionals will handle the installation and work with you and your pets to train them successfully!

Protect your best friend with Dog Guard®

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